AquaScreen® Escherichia coli

Cat. no.: 34-7025

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The AquaScreen® Escherichia coli qPCR Detection kit is used for DNA samples prepared with the AquaScreen® FastExtract kit, for quantification of Escherichia coli in water samples.

Type of PCR

Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)

Recommended Use

Applicable in research and industry for QA testing of household and process water. Not recommended for clinical diagnostics, testing of human samples or pharmaceutical products.

Kit Components

Lyophilized PCR mix: Primers / Probes / Nucleotides / Polymerase in aliquots of 25 reactions each
Rehydration Buffer
Lyophilized Positive Control DNA
Lyophilized Internal Control DNA
PCR Grade Water

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 34-7025 25 reactions
  • Cat. No. 34-7100 100 reactions
  • Cat. No. 34-7250 250 reactions
Required Consumables

PCR reaction tubes and filter tips
Optional: For quantification, we recommend our Escherichia coli PCR Quantification Standard (Cat. No. 52-0083).

Required Lab Devices

qPCR cycler with filter sets for FAM™ and ROX™

Shelf Life and Storage

Store the unopened components at +2 °C to +8 °C until the expiry date indicated on the label. Once rehydrated, the components must be stored at ≤ -18 °C.


There are currently no guidelines for the molecular biological testing of Escherichia coli in water samples.