dPCR Validation Standards

Cat. no.: 58-0201

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The dPCR Validation Standards contain pure, quantified genomic DNA of the selected species or cell lines. These products are designed as a tool to assist Residual DNA dPCR-based analysis.

Recommended Use

Each dPCR Validation Standard can be applied to generate genomic DNA Standard curves for the specific species or cell lines of interest, by serial dilution. A standard curve can be used to convert the measured DNA in copies/µl through dPCR in fg/µl to provide a quantification of the residual DNA in conformity to regulatory guidelines. In addition, the dPCR Validation Standards can be used during downstream processes to verify the residual DNA concentration of the processed sample during several purification processes.


Each dPCR Validation Standard contains 1 vial containing 1 ng of lyophilized genomic DNA and 1 vial of Tris Buffer. The expiry date of the unopened package is given on the package label.

Available Species and Ordering Information

Cat. No. 58-0201:E. coli

Cat. No. 58-0211:CHO

Cat. No. 58-0221:HEK-293

Result Evaluation

These products are designed as a tool to assist Residual DNA dPCR-based analysis:

MiQuant Residual DNA dPCR E. coli

MiQuant Residual DNA dPCR CHO

MiQuant Residual DNA dPCR HEK-293

Required Consumables

1.5 ml reaction tubes, DNA- and RNA-free

Required Lab Devices

• Pipettes with corresponding filter tips (10 and 100 μl)

• Microcentrifuge for 1.5 ml reaction tubes

• Vortex

Shelf Life and Storage

The components must be stored at +2 °C to +8 °C until use. Once rehydrated, the dPCR Validation Standards can be stored at ≤ -18 °C for a maximum of 30 days. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles must be avoided.