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Product Change! We have modified this product, to deliver superior fabric quality and cleaning performance. These changes imply a format modification: each item will contain 50 instead of 120 wipes. For inquiries, please contact us at info@minervabiolabs.us.
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The presence of contaminant DNA at a PCR work area can result in false positive results and misinterpretation. DNA contaminations are usually sustainable and their removal has proven to be no trivial matter. PCR Clean™ Wipes are ready-to-use for eliminating DNA from surfaces like glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber, steel and precious metal. DNA and RNA are removed within seconds after use, and enzymes like DNases and RNases are inactivated.

PCR Clean™ Wipes are the simple solution for cleaning and decontaminating surfaces in a PCR laboratory. There’s no need for multiple products when you have the convenience of a simple-to-use wipe. When you use a sponge or even paper towel, you can spread the DNA contamination from one surface to another potentially increasing the contaminated surface area.

Recommended Use / Scope

Applicable in research and industry only. Not recommended for clinical applications. Use as directed. Always test a small area first for stability and coloration. PCR Clean™ Wipes cannot be used for the cleaning of light or non-ferrous metals.

Kit Components

Single use wipes in a product safety sachet.

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 15-2001 120 Wipes in a dispender box
    Cat. No. 15-2002 5 x 120 refill sachets
Required Consumables

Paper towels

Required lab devices


Shelf Life and Storage

Stable at room temperature for at least 12 months.

Additional information

package sizes

50 wipes in box, 5 refill bags with 50 wipes each


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