qPCR Cycler Check™

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Validation tools for qPCR cyclers according to legal requirements (e.g. ISO 17025, EN 45001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 20836:2007, GLP, GMP, IQ/OQ/PQ, etc.).

False negative PCR results are highly critical and might be due to a defective PCR cycler. Verification of the correct temperature control of the equipment in-use is generally a strenuous task. Furthermore, compliance of PCR cyclers with quality management systems is not easy to achieve. The qPCR Cycler Check™ Kit provides temperature-sensitive PCR reactions to monitor an upper and lower temperature range in one run. The primers and probes sequences and the PCR protocol were designed to be extremely sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and homogeneity, precision of the temperature control and timing. Amplification will be altered when temperature deviates by more than 2 °C from the set value. Cycler performance is tested with typical PCR settings to reflect most common applications. As an additional indicator for accurate temperature control of the cycler, the included pre-adjusted target concentrations are only amplified by highly efficient PCR reactions.

Cycler Types

Real-time PCR (qPCR) thermal cyclers with optical unit.

  • No extra equipment, instrument or software needed.
  • In the qPCR Cycler Check™ Kit, the probes of each amplification system are labeled with different fluorescent dyes (FAM™ and ROX™) to allow individual evaluation of each temperature range.
  • Includes all you need: Lyophilized primer/probe sets, polymerase, nucleotides, rehydration buffer, and controls.
Recommended Use

Applicable with any block PCR cycler or qPCR cycler used in a research or industrial quality assurance lab for the reliability testing of instrument performance and reliability.
Notice! Not applicable for the ABI 7500/7500 Fast in combination with the AccuSEQ software!

Kit Components

Lyophilized Validation Mix: Primers / Probes / Nucleotides / Polymerase in aliquots of 26 reactions each Rehydration buffer Control reactions

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 57-2202 4 Validations
Result Evaluation

Measurement of the fluorescence signal with the qPCR device.

Required Consumables

PCR reaction tubes

Required Lab Devices

Microcentrifuge Pipettes qPCR cycler with filters for the detection of FAM™ and ROX™ dyes

Shelf Life and Storage

Store the unopened components at +2 °C to +8 °C until the expiry date indicated on the label. All the reagents except the Controls must be used directly after rehydration. The convenient format of the Validation Mix in single-use aliquots (1 validation assay per vial) prevents repeated freeze-thawing and waste of valuable reagents.