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ConviFlex DNAmp PCR Mix

PCR amplification includes many steps involved in setting up the PCR reaction and carries more possibilities of contamination with every extra step.

The common reaction components (e.g. buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2, and DNA polymerase) are mixed together by lab operators to create a master PCR mix, which is then aliquoted to individual reaction tubes.

Reaction-specific primers and template DNA are added prior to PCR, adding further pipetting steps to the procedure. Every extra step added increases your margin of error.

Minerva Biolabs PCR Mixes will decrease the risks of cross-contamination and time spent making a quality PCR mix.

The application of ConviFlex™ DNAmp PCR Mix requires minimal hands-on time and reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to the minimal number of pipetting steps required to set up the PCR reaction.

Discover how to decrease your margin of error with Minerva’s specially designed PCR mixes below.