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Laboratory PCR Reagents

Mycoplasmas are omnipresent. Mycoplasmas contamination testing is essential to avoid loss of time, efforts, money and good reputation for the laboratory. In cell culture laboratories, 95 % of all continuous cell line infections are caused by only six species from bovine, swine and human origin. The main source of mycoplasma contaminations today are mycoplasma-infected cell cultures used in the same laboratory. Mycoplasma contamination test and control is precondition for safety and purity of cell derived products and reliable results in scientific experiments. Minerva Biolabs mycoplasma detection test enable identification of microplasma-contamination cell-cultures. The mycoplasma contamination test is fast and reliable.

[category img=”/wp-content/uploads/conviflex-DNAmp-Mix.jpg” name=”PCR Mix” description=”PCR amplification has become an indispensable method in every molecular biology lab.”]
[category img=”/wp-content/uploads/SwapUp-Plus.jpg” name=”Lab Monitoring” description=”DNA contamination in PCR is a serious problem in labs using PCR-technology frequently.”]
[category img=”/wp-content/uploads/mb-taq-polymerase-foto.jpg” name=”Enzymes” description=”Choosing the Enzymes for PCR can profoundly affect the outcome of the PCR. As PCR became more sophisticated, PCR Enzymes such as polymerase mixtures and blends began to be used.”]
[category img=”/wp-content/uploads/qpcr-cycler-check.jpg” name=”PCR Thermal Cycler Validation” description=”Thermal cycler validation is important according to various international legal requirements, e.g. ISO 17025, EN 45001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 20836:2007, GLP, GMP, IQ/OQ/PQ, and others.”]