Venor®GeM dScreen

Cat. no.: 58-0321

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Venor®GeM dScreen is a digital PCR (dPCR) based mycoplasma detection kit for the rapid and sensitive detection of all Mollicutes species such as Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma and Spiroplasma previously described as contaminants of cell cultures, cell culture media and other biological matrices. The kit demonstrates remarkable robustness and is compatible with a wide range of sample matrices, including cell culture supernatants, cell suspensions and samples with high serum concentrations. No nucleic acid extraction is required.

All reagents required for dPCR such as primers, probes, nucleotides and polymerase are included in the lyophilized Mycoplasma Mix. The rehydration buffer and a positive control as well as an internal control are included in the kit.

The assay has been developed for QIAGEN's dPCR platform and is compatible with all QIAcuity® devices. The mycoplasma-specific amplification is detected at 520 nm (green channel). False negative results due to e.g. PCR inhibitors are indicated by an internal amplification control included in the Venor®GeM dScreen. The internal amplification control is detected at 560 nm (yellow channel).

Recommended Use

Applicable in research and industry for direct testing of cell cultures, cell culture products and other biological matrices. Exclusively for research purposes. Not for use in clinical diagnostics or for testing human samples.

Type of PCR

Hot-start Taq polymerase based digital PCR assay with FAM™ (green channel) and HEX™ (yellow channel) labelled probes.

Result Evaluation

Cycler based, digital PCR

Kit Components

Mycoplasma Mix
Rehydration Buffer
Internal Control DNA
Positive Control DNA
dPCR grade Water

Required Consumables

  • QIAcuity® Nanoplate 26k 8-well/ 24-well (specific for dPCR device)
  • 1.5 ml reaction tubes, DNase- and RNase-free (preferably low-bind)
  • PCR Clean™ (Cat. Nos. 15-2025, 15-2001)

Required Lab Devices

  • QIAcuity® digital PCR device with filter sets for detecting the fluorescence dyes FAM™ and HEX™
  • Microcentrifuge for 1.5 ml reaction tubes
  • Vortex
  • Pipettes with corresponding filter tips (10 µl, 100 µl, and 1000 µl)


  • 8-channel or multi-channel pipette for sample transfer into the nanoplate
  • Heating block
  • Nanoplate Tray

Package sizes

  • Cat. No. 58-0321 24 reactions
  • Cat. No. 58-0322 4 x 24 reactions

Shelf Life and Storage

The kit is shipped at room temperature.

The unopened components must be stored at +2 °C to +8 °C until the expiry date stated on the label. After rehydration, the components must be stored at ≤ -18 °C.

EP 2.6.7 Compliance