Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads

Cat. no.: 56-3010

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The Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads is a DNA/RNA extraction kit designed to separate nucleic acids from mycoplasma. The Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads is based on the extraction of DNA/RNA using magnetic beads. In mycoplasma contamination control and detection, different samples such as cell culture suspensions or cryostocks are analyzed. The cell culture supernatants to be tested contain different factors that can lead to inhibition of PCR. Factors such as a large number of proteins in the cell culture suspension or a to high confluency of more than 80-90% have a major inhibiting influence on nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAT). This is where our Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads comes in. The Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads, with its fast performance and high extraction efficiency, is adapted to our products of the Venor®GeM series, such as the Venor®GeM qEP (Art.-No.: 11-9025) or also the Venor®GeM qOneStep (Art.-No.: 11-91025), for the detection of mycoplasma.

Excellent reproducibility and quality due to automatic extraction

The Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads is also compatible with extraction robots such as the KingFisher™ Flex. Its automated nucleic acid extraction significantly improves the reproducibility of individual extractions. Even when increasing the throughput by increasing the number of samples up to 96 samples simultaneously, the DNA/RNA extraction of the Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads maintains a constant quality. The ready-to-use setup program for the KingFisher™ Flex can be downloaded - see link in the manual.

Recommended Use

For DNA/RNA extraction from:

  • Cell culture supernatants
  • Cell suspensions
  • Cryostocks
  • Biopharmaceuticals

Kit Components

Binding, Elution, Lysis, Rehydration and Wash 1-3 Buffers
Magnetic Bead Suspension
Proteinase K

Required Consumables

1-propanol (≥ 99,5%) is required for the reconstitution of the Binding Buffer and the Wash Buffer 1 and 2, 1.5 ml or 2 ml reaction tubes, DNA- and nucleases-free for DNA elution Serological pipettes and pipettes with corresponding filter tips (100 and 1000 μl).

Required Lab Devices

For manual extraction:
- Magnetic rack and thermoshaker for 1.5 ml (or 2 ml) reaction tubes
- Optional: Microcentrifuge

For automatic extraction:
- Automatic extractor e.g. KingFisher™ Flex
- Plastic material (deep-well plates and elution plate)

Package Sizes

  • Cat. No. 56-3010 10 extractions
  • Cat. No. 56-3100 100 extractions


Ship and store at ambient temperature.
Attention: Remove the Proteinase K and store it at +4 °C upon receipt of the Venor®GeM SP Kit - Beads.

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