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Mycoplasma Elimination

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Mycoplasma contamination in cell culture can cost you time, effort, money and your good reputation for your laboratory.

Minerva Biolabs’ mycoplasma elimination products are an essential solution to this problem.

Minerva Biolabs PCR Mycoplasma Elimination Kits are fast and effective in the detection of mycoplasma-contaminated cell cultures.

Our PCR technique allows highly sensitive detection of both cultivable and non-cultivable mycoplasma species. Reproducible results are provided within hours, making PCR the primary method of choice for frequent routine testing.

Discover how simple our mycoplasma elimination products can remove mycoplasma from an infected cell culture.

We highly recommend autoclaving the contaminated cells, at best, together with any bottle of medium and reagent used with this relevant culture and subsequently cleaning the whole laboratory from mycoplasmas with our trusted products below.