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Cell Culture Antibiotics

Water Disinfection Additive Cell Culture Antibiotics

Microbial contamination is a problem experienced in every laboratory. Routine testing for the presence of mycoplasma species is an absolute must.

General usage of antibiotics to mask low hygiene levels, lacking good aseptic techniques, or improper cell culture facilities are not a solution to the problem. Quite the contrary, non-responsible use of antibiotics will make the situation even worse.

Minerva Biolabs offers you a series of reliable cell culture antibiotics preventing microbial contaminations – in hoods, incubators, water baths and cell cultures.

Imagine, you can isolate incoming cell cultures (use a separate incubator or at least sealed flasks as well as separate culture media and materials) until the mycoplasma test results are proven to be negative.

Our products allow you to test frequently for contamination – regardless of whether the cell culture contains any antibiotics or not.

Carrying out some of our general principles will minimize the risk of contaminations and prevent costly situations:

  • Follow aseptic techniques and practices.
  • Do not use the laminar flow for storage of solutions and equipment.
  • Only work with one cell line at a time and use separate materials for each cell line to avoid cross-contaminations.
  • Make sure all media, solutions and materials are properly sterilized – the same holds true for any kind of occurring waste of course.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces, laminar flows, incubators, water baths and all other equipment frequently.
  • Make sure the laboratory is cleaned up regularly and only authorized persons have access to the working area.
  • Use cell culture antibiotics responsibly.
  • For routine culture work antibiotic free media should be employed.

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