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SwabUp™ Lab Monitoring kit is a combined system for sampling and extraction of DNA from various lab surfaces. The kit is designed to support environmental monitoring of DNA contaminations in molecular biology laboratories.

Originating from aerosols, splashing or dripping during sample handling, pipetting or centrifugation, small amounts of contaminant DNA are very hard to remove, easily amplified and can lead to cross-contaminations between samples.
Contamination monitoring procedures are strongly recommended, when not required, by several quality assurance guidelines (e.g. for forensic testing facilities). Undertaking periodic testing of DNA contaminations is essential to ensure reliable data, to assess the performance of DNA decontamination procedures and to prevent future occurrence.

SwabUp™ Lab Monitoring kit consists of a sample collection and a DNA extraction system, optimized for the efficient detection of minimal amounts of contaminant DNA.
The output material (the extracted contaminant DNA) can be tested directly by PCR, with a PCR assay of choice (e.g. the PCR system most frequently used in the lab or any of our other PCR kits).

Recommended Use

SwabUp™ Lab Monitoring kit is for research use only. It is not recommended for clinical and diagnostic applications or for the detection of RNA contaminations.

This kit is recommended for regular monitoring of lab work areas and detection of target or amplicon DNA contaminations. The monitoring protocol (work areas to be sampled, sampling scheme and frequency) should be defined on the basis of the contamination risk and room function. We recommend including in the testing schedule, surfaces and equipment, which are most frequently exposed to target and amplicon DNA contaminations, e.g. centrifuges, pipettes, reaction tube racks, lab books, benches, freezers, computer keyboards / mouse / touchpads, desktops, knobs and handles.

Kit Components

Swabs (individually packaged) and Collection Buffer tubes, Spin column-based DNA extraction system.

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 181-0010 10 applications
  • Cat. No. 181-0050 50 applications
Required Consumables

Ethanol (> 96 % abs.), 1.5 ml reaction tubes and filter tips. Optional contamination-free, universal PCR system: ConviFlex™ DNAmp Mix Art. Nr. 191-XXXX

Required Lab Devices

Microcentrifuge, heat block, pipettes.

Shelf Life and Storage

The DNA extraction system should be stored at room temperature. Collection Buffer tubes must be stored at +2 – +8 °C. Swabs can be stored at +2 – +30 °C.