Venor®GeM Sample Preparation Kit

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37 % of all cell culture supernatants, and almost all of confluent cell culture supernatants, inhibit PCR. Proficiency studies have demonstrated the importance of further DNA extraction for a sensitive PCR results, even for unremarkable sample materials.

The Venor®GeM Sample Preparation Kit provides samples highly compatible with Minerva Biolabs Venor®GeM Mycoplasma PCR kits. A special protocol allows the purification of the samples in order to meet the high demands of the EP 2.6.7 and JP G3. The sample DNA is eluted in a volume of 60 µl in a high concentration and purity for maximum sensitivity of the PCR. The kit works with DNA extraction columns which are directly suitable for the treatment of up to 200 µl of your sample.

Recommended Use

For DNA extraction from:

  • Cell culture supernatants including cells and cell debris
  • ATMPs
  • Samples with polymers and glycerin (e.g. cryo conservation media)
  • Several different cell culture media
  • Protein solutions, incl. antibodies and enzymes
Kit Components

Spin columns Collection tubes Conditioner, Binding, Wash and Elution buffers

Required Consumables

Ethanol is required for the reconstitution of the wash buffers 1.5 ml or 2 ml reaction tubes, DNA- and nucleases-free for DNA elution Serological pipettes and pipettes with corresponding filter tips (100 and 1000 μl) Optional: At protein concentrations above 10 mg/ml in the sample pretreatment with Proteinase K is strongly recommended (Cat. No. 56-0002). Optional: Internal Control DNA is needed as spike-in to enable process controlling in regulated testing. Internal Control Extra: Cat. No. 11-1025 for Venor®GeM Classic Kit; Cat. No. 11-9025or the Venor®GeM qEP Kit;

Required Lab Devices

Microcentrifuge and heat block for 1.5 ml (or 2 ml) reaction tubes

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 56-1010 10 extractions
  • Cat. No. 56-1050 50 extractions
  • Cat. No. 56-1200 200 extractions

Store and shipment at ambient temperature.

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