PCR Clean™

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DNA, RNA, DNases, and RNases contaminations in PCR work-areas can dramatically alter the PCR outcome resulting in false positive or false negative results and data misinterpretation. Originating from aerosols, contaminant DNA and RNA can be very resistant to elimination treatment and are frequent causes of cross-contaminations between samples. On the other hand, DNases/RNases contamination might lead to DNA/RNA target degradation, compromising entire sets of PCR experiments. PCR Clean™ is a ready-to-use spray solution for the elimination of all most common contaminants at once from a variety of surfaces within the PCR lab (PCR workstations, lab devices etc.). DNA and RNA as well as DNases and RNases are removed within seconds after wiping the sprayed surfaces. The solution contains a surfactant and a non-alkaline and non-carcinogenic agent.

  • Highly effective PCR Clean™ is effective in degrading amplicon, plasmid, or genomic DNA and RNA on most surfaces with the exception of light or non-ferrous metals. The product is also effectively removing DNases and RNases.
  • Fast and easy decontamination PCR Clean™, used both before and after PCR experiments, ensures fast and easy decontamination against all most common contaminants at once. This product is, therefore, the ideal solution for surface decontamination in the PCR lab, maintaining a clean work area and saving time and expenses.
  • Stable PCR Clean™ is heat resistant and stable for several years.
Recommended Use

Applicable in research and industry, only. Not recommended for clinical applications. Use as directed. PCR Clean™ can be applied on glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber, steel and precious metal. Cleaning of light (e.g. aluminum) or non-ferrous metals with PCR Clean™ is not recommended. To avoid damage or discoloration, it is recommended to spot test the surfaces to be treated (e.g. coated or sensitive surfaces) prior to use.


Ready-to-use formulation in a spray bottle or refill bottles.

Package Sizes
  • Cat. No. 15-2025 250 ml
  • Cat. No. 15-2200 4 x 500 ml refill bottles
  • Cat. No. 15-2500 5 liters canister
Required Consumables and Lab Devices

Paper towels

Shelf Life and Storage

When stored at room temperature, the product is stable until the expiry date indicated on the label.