Venor®GeM qOneStep Kit – easy-to-use, fast and sensitive mycoplasma detection kit.

Rapid: Less than 3 hours to results
Easy: Results in 4 simple steps
Maximal Sensitivity: 10 copies/reaction and high specificity
US, Canada and Mexico

Detection of Bacteria Contamination in Cell Cultures - Onar® Bacteria
Overview of a rapid & sensitive method to detect bacterial contaminations in cell cultures:
-By endpoint PCR
-No complex equipment/skills required
-In only 3 h
US, Canada and Mexico

Mynox® Gold – Mycoplasma elimination from cell cultures
> 100 % effective
> Negligible cytotoxicity and low risk of resistance development
> Straightforward protocol

- Cost-effective solution for contaminated standard cell lines
- Optimal solution to rescue in-house established cell cultures (e.g. primary cell cultures)
US, Canada and Mexico

ZellShield® - Protect your cell culture from contaminations
A ready-to-use multifunctional supplement against bacterial, fungal or mycoplasma contamination.
- No application of conventional antibiotics is required.
- Can be used as a routine additive with simple application.

All in all, ZellShield® will help you to effectively protect your cell culture from microbial contaminations.
US, Canada and Mexico: