Meat Speciation and Halal Testing

Authenticity testing in meat-derived products represents a serious issue from the point of view of food safety as well as from an ethical perspective, for example when food has to meet particular dietary or religious (e.g. halal) needs. Authentication of forbidden / not declared ingredients such as pork, or substandard meat (e.g. horsemeat) is essential to ensure confidence in the supply chain and regulatory compliance.

Meat ID™ kits series for qPCR can be combined with our optimized DNA extraction system, ExtractNow™ Meat ID.

Meat ID™ Halal is a qPCR kit for the detection of pork and donkey DNA in extracted meat and food products.

This assay system allows rapid and reliable analysis from various matrices like raw meat and even highly processed or cooked products, where significant DNA degradation may occur.

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