DNA Decontamination Reagents

Contaminations by DNA, RNA, DNases, and RNases represent a major concern in molecular biology, especially for highly sensitive techniques like PCR. Contaminant DNA or RNA can lead to cross-contamination between samples and to inaccurate data, false-positive results or PCR artifacts.

Avoiding DNA contamination can be challenging.

Minerva Biolabs´ DNA decontamination reagents can be efficiently and safely used to remove DNA contaminants from any workspace, equipment and various surfaces including floors.

Available as single-use wipes for gentle decontamination, PCR Clean™ is a DNA decontamination solution with non-hazardous and biodegradable ingredients.

LabClean™ can be included into the cleaning routine or used for spill clean-up of floors and large surfaces, in order to prevent DNA/RNA contaminants from spreading to other lab areas and to reduce the risk of DNA contaminations.

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